Babes and The Bungalow offers uniquely-styled intimates reserved strictly for women 21 and over.


When I was a little girl, my grandmother would often take me to visit the homes of her dear friends on a regular basis. I would preoccupy myself with re-decorating all the homes and styling everyone's hair—in my mind. I was a pretty quiet child with a very active imagination!  

At an early age, I excelled in writing and any medium that allowed me to style and tell a story. I guess it's no accident that I would grow to work with sought-after brands and media channels to develop beauty and lifestyle content.

Fast-forward to when I became a mother. I purchased a DSLR and basically threw it in my closet for two years due to life's busy demands. It wasn't until my youngest son turned three that I personally began photographing beauty products and lifestyle concepts. I found that I loved being behind the lens and the positive feedback propelled me.  

Brands began noticing my work and reached out regarding projects. Those initial inquiries lit a fire in me that I never knew existed. Now I find myself in Western Chicago, in a new home with a bungalow-styled loft studio ideal for portraits and product photography. It was kismet the way things fell into place. 

I enjoy using my background in bridal and editorial beauty to design themes and images for brides-to-be and todays’s modern woman. I believe my approach to tasteful boudoir speaks to the heart of my clients.

My entire journey into photography has been serendipitous. I hope my images spark joy and the desire to capture your inner beauty.

DO YOU WORK WITH BRANDS and on special assignments?

YES! I work on collaborations and projects that are a natural extension of my brand. I focus on products that I would naturally gravitate to, currently enjoy, and could wholeheartedly recommend.

How Do we work together?

Please email me at babesandthebungalow (at) gmail (dot) com.