TOP 20 Songs for Boudoir

The following is the perfect mix of hauntingly beautiful, lighthearted, and flirty songs ideal for boudoir. Check out the Babes and The Bungalow Playlist on Spotify. Number 19 is my favorite. *The best album cover name, ever.

  1. The First Taste — Fiona Apple

  2. Cherish the Day — Sade

  3. If Tha Mood — Esthero

  4. Wikked Lil’ Grrrls — Esthero

  5. Earned It — The Weeknd, Fifty Shades Of Grey

  6. Poisson Rouge — Saint Privat, A Simple Favor Soundtrack

  7. I Don’t Wanna Have To Lie— LOLO, In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit*

  8. Koop Island Blues — Best of Koop Island

  9. Lips— The xx

  10. Skyfall — Adele

  11. Young and Beautiful — Lana Del Rey

  12. You Know I’m No Good — Amy Winehouse

  13. You Don’t Own Me - Grace

  14. The Wire — HAIM

  15. Bang Bang—Jessie J, Ariana Grande

  16. Cherry — Lana Del Rey

  17. I’m a Believer — The Monkees

  18. Once Upon A Dream — Lana Del Rey

  19. Love Me Like You Do — Ellie Goulding, Fifty Shades Of Grey Soundtrack

  20. Dangerous Woman — Ariana Grande