Soothe, Study, Sleep Using E.O.




 All photos by Maritza Buelvas | Babes and The Bungalow

All photos by Maritza Buelvas | Babes and The Bungalow

As a busy mom, the start of a new school year can bring about excitement and stress. My boys have asthma and allergies so on top of all the regular duties of both work and motherhood, I have to be a helicopter mom when it comes to managing their care and be a bit particular when fragrancing  our home. I work from home often so I'm always looking for ways we can soothe stress, maintain focus, and help us all sleep more soundly.

As a devotee of essential oils for the past four years (I'm a big advocate of E.O. for health and wellness), I recently partnered with Vitruvi, a brand of organic essential oils imported from around the world. I fell in love with Vitruvi over a year ago when I began using their Lavender Oil for better sleep and read the glorious reviews on GOOP. Their entire line up is comprised of natural, 100% pure oil—free of fillers, synthetic fragrances, and harmful additives. They work with small farms globally to provide non-GMO oils and their brand has never irritated my boys or aggravated their asthma which is a big win in my book. I also love that I can fragrance our entire home without fearing open flames (again I have two very active little boys) or emitting harmful chemicals into the air. 

I use their gorgeous Stone Diffuser all over our home and love that it pairs perfectly with our neutral decor. The matte ceramic finish in black is a real stunner and conversation piece. I also love that I can diffuse for 3 or 7 hours peacefully while enveloping any room with safe, lasting fragrance. I'm partial to their blends with names like 'Quiet' and 'Pacific' that evoke the feels of a lazy rainy day (yes, please!). Their single blends are also fantastic with Lavender being a mainstay at bedtime and Grapefruit ushering in breakfast on the weekends, or a quiet cup of coffee during the week. I truly find any excuse to diffuese, but here are my top three.



bedtime, naptime, me time

I use Grove, Pacific or Dusk as pleasurable nap accompaniment or to burn while I have a moment to read or have had a stressful day. 

I don't have the means to go to a spa everyday, but a least my home can smell like one. I use Pacific to keep our home smelling like a California beach house. It's especially nice with the windows open. 



school work, daily work

I love using Boost to concentrate and focus on work tasks during the day and for after-school homework. It's a great study-aid. I call it motivation intoxication

I also gravitate to this citrus fragrance when doing a mean cleaning or purging session. The inspiration for the blend is a citrus salad eaten under a juniper tree on a warm day. How decadent is that? It's truly all about  moments and details. 

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hibernation, sick child, overall wellness

Sound sleep can be elusive when you have kids. I diffuse Lavender, Quiet, and Eucalyptus for good sleep, soothing colds, and calming nerves. 

These oils help to lull myself and my entire family to sleepyland. I also use them to hibernate a little on the weekends. 


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The best part of using high-grade Vitruvi oils is that they're easily interchangeable depending on mood or need. They also can be custom blended to design a signature home fragrance. Do you use E.O. for yourself or your family? Have any questions about diffusing? Please share below.