Why I Chose to Shoot Boudoir That's SFW


My goal with boudoir has always been to marry fantasy with modesty. What good are images you’ll only want to share with only a select few? Absolutely nothing.

Images are meant to be shared, not stashed in a drawer. This is the primary reason why I opted to create shareable art. I wanted to take the feeling…of feeling uncomfortable…completely off the table. Boudoir is often reserved for celebration, let’s celebrate a little differently. Let’s disrupt rigid ideals and re-imagine a new kind of boudoir for this special time in your life.

babes_and_the_bungalow_boudoir_fire (2 of 14).jpg

Boudoir is not always about 6-inch heals and being scantily clad. My take on boudoir is about adding a little lived-in, editorial edge and a whole lot of understanding on what makes real women feel good.

maritza buelvas