"Book a visual love letter capturing adoration for yourself and all you do as a mom."

As busy moms, we often avoid getting our picture taken on a regular basis. Simply scroll through your smart phone and give an honest count of how many times you appear on your own photo feed. I'm guessing that number is probably lower than it should be.

I know you have beautiful snaps of your kids but where are you? Where. Are. YOU? I know I pass up being in front of the camera for a myriad of reasons which led me to develop a fun idea.

What if instead of hiding behind the camera, we proudly show up as ourselves and gracefully document the women we've become. It's time we document our inner and outer beauty as strong, vibrant women! Enter...


"Where are you on your list of your 10 priorities?" 

                         - Oprah (Goop Podcast)

I say we give ourselves the permission to feel glamorous in our own skin, get dressed up in our favorite silky pajamas, and celebrate our right to feel sexy. My take on female portraiture—feminine intimates—is about glorifying confidence and inner-beauty. My approach is not uncomfortable, contrived, or revealing. Trust me, you won't feel embarrassed sharing your shots with your grandmother—or your children for that matter. Let's relish the skin we're in and see ourselves as our own kids do—as a beautiful goddess that can take on the world! 


Hi, there! I've worked in the bridal and beauty industry for over a decade. I know how to make women feel and look beautiful. I hope my unique perspective on 'boudoir' lights a fire in your belly to capture your beautiful spirit.  

Mamas in Pajamas Intimates are only for moms, women 21+. My approach is more Anthropologie PJs and less about being in your underwear for the world to see. This is isn't your typical boudoir and I'm not your typical photographer